Pale Horse Tipi Camp






Medicine Hikes while Enjoying Nature

All-inclusive itinerary along with 3 bundles to choose from. We also have large group commercial, exclusive and private camp rental rates for companies.



Check out our events page and book a date that fits you and your groups schedule best.


Spend a night in a tipi

Book a “Tipi Bundle” and spend a weekend with us!


Our Vision


The Pale Horse Tipi Camp strives to create an outdoor experience showcasing Traditional Blackfoot culture in a safe and nurturing setting. This is done by providing the highest quality in service delivery and utilizing resources in the most effective and economical manner. We promote and envision a world with an active lifestyle, healthy eating and communicating orally much like our ancestors did for thousands of years.

Our Mission

Pale Horse Tipi Camp will maintain a satisfied customer base, sound financial stability, and a solid reputation by providing an unparalleled and unique service to our costumers while maintaining fair profits for our stakeholders and staff.